Landscape Construction - Sustainable Value

It is our goal at Cagwin & Dorward to “Become part of the solution… by committing to preserve the beauty that surrounds us and to heal our planet for future generations.” 

We would like to collaborate with you on identifying the sustainable opportunities in your landscape.  The following outlines the sustainable value that exists within our company.

Water Management

Our Irrigation Specialists and Certified Water Managers can identify ways to reduce water use in your landscape.  Water is a limited resource and the cost of water is becoming one of the larger expenses related to landscape maintenance.  Even minor improvements can have a cumulative effect in saving a great deal of water.

Bay Friendly Guidelines

Cagwin & Dorward has Bay Friendly Qualified individuals on staff who can facilitate, install, and maintain your landscape.  These leaders identify strategies to:

Landscape Locally

Conserve Water

Nurture the Soil

Conserve Energy

Create Wildlife Habitat

Preserve Water and Air Quality

Less to the Landfill


Environmental Strategy

Since 2007, we have reduced our energy use by 24%!  This includes fuel, electricity, and natural gas.  The management team for your project will continually implement strategies to reduce carbon emissions, reduce landfill waste, reuse materials on site, protect your existing plant, soil, and water resources, and to buy local, recyclable, and organic products.

Relationship Value

Our sustainability-focused staff are attentive to adding value to your team and creating mutual success.  We promote a sustainable culture of collaboration and learning that leads to honest communication and creative environmental solutions.  We can help facilitate the process of LEED Certification, Green Building, Municipal Water Rebates, and Green Business Certification.

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