Overview Statement: We create and maintain healthy soils that are safe for people and animals while providing a nutritious medium to grow plants. 

When soil is healthy it is productive ~ plants grow and a safe habitat is nurtured where both animals and people can thrive. 




Contact: Aaron Majors for more information about Hamilton Hangers and the Ez-Flow fertigation equipment.

Festuca mairei - 1:  Soil preparation prior to planting is critical for the long term plant health. 

Ideal conditions are provided by incorporating organic compost, micro nutrients, and compost teas to native soils.

A great soil foundation helps plants fend off pests and reduce water and synthetic fertilizer applications.

Note: 4" pots planted in May, 2009 eighteen months after the one gallon containers pictured in Festuca mairei - 2.

Festuca mairei - 2:  Soil preparation based on conventional methods does not support long term plant health.  Plants exhaust the nutrients that are initially installed within two years.

Conventional soil preparation methods incorporate 6 CYDS per 1000 feet (2’ cover) of redwood sawdust treated to make it nitrified.  Additionally, 25 lbs of commercial fertilizer and slow release fertilizer tablets are incorporated into the soil. 

The first year plants look as good as they ever will. Over time they will start to require many more resources to maintain them in a less than optimal state.

Note: 1 gallon containers planted November, 2007.

Ez-Flow Fertigation: Fertigation can provide better organic soil management at a lower cost than conventional means.

EZ-Flow is a nutrient delivery system that uses the irrigation to broadcast liquid forms of organic fertilizers and soil nutrients.  Ez-Flo allows us to use OMRI certified organic products for use in its systems.  Either overhead sprays or drip emitter irrigation may be used.

Ez-Flo efficiently maintains and enhances the soil biology and plant health by micro-dosing through a passive nutrient injector system. 

There is a labor savings from not having to manually broadcast granular materials multiple times per year. The environment is not exposed to the synthetic fertilizer chemicals that can affect ground water and watershed. 

Vinca minor - 1: This Vinca planting bed displays the typical health of Vinca throughout the site. 

These areas received conventional soil preparation during planting. Now, the soil is depleted of soil biology and nutrients and is unable to sustain the Vinca without major interventions of synthetic fertilizers and water to bring it up to an acceptable standards.

Vinca minor - 2:  The use of EZ-Flo fertigation equipment with the organic nutrients of Turf-pro & Mega-Green is beginning to heal the soils in the Vinca areas.  Several areas are on the mend. 

The Vinca is displaying nice lush green leaves and is blooming for the first time in years.  The soil still needs time to regenerate the soil biology without using conventional synthetic fertilizers. 

The transition is happening here and we are excited to see some early success.

Appearance of turf area under EZ-flow organic-fertigation.